Buying or Selling? Run smoothly
Plus, enjoy extra peace of mind with our no completion no fee guarantee

Whether you’re moving locally or further away, our experienced team of conveyancing experts can provide you with a smooth, efficient and value for money service. We want to make sure the legal aspects of the buying and selling process are as straightforward and pain free for you as possible, and there are no unnecessary delays. We’ll move quickly so you can too!


We’re proud to have met the standard to be CQS accredited, which means we follow an approach that is nationally recognised. Because of this most lenders allow us to act for them as well as you, saving you money and making everything even more straightforward for you.


Know who you’re dealing with

Unlike some other firms using a factory style approach, your case will be personally managed by a qualified and experienced conveyancer from start to finish. You’ll always know who to contact and there’ll be no gaps for anything to fall through. To keep things moving quickly we’ll keep in touch in the most practical way possible – phone, fax, email, post or in person at our offices depending on how you prefer things.


Complications? No problem! Plus it’s all covered under our guarantee

We don’t shy away when complications arise! In fact we’ll happily accept cases affected by unregistered land, planning or building regulation issues or buy to let situations amongst others. And remember, when you choose our ‘no completion, no fee’ you’re always safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to pay anything at all, including any disbursements we’ve already paid on your behalf, if your transaction does not complete for any reason.


We don’t think anyone else offers such a strong guarantee. With other firms you’d usually still be charged for disbursements already made which could be considerable.


Things we can help you with

Buying or selling residential property.


Remortgaging, including equity release.


Residential tenancies for flats or houses, including mortgages.


‘Right-to-Buy’ for council or housing association tenants who want to buy their home, and we can act for the Housing Associates themselves.


Commercial property purchases or sales.


You can request a quote today

There's nothing to lose by finding out more. Why not request a quotation now?  We just need a few basic details and then we'll get back to you within 1 working day. 


You can relax with the knowledge that we know exactly what we’re doing with one of the single most important transactions in your life.