You and your family. Your future, your way
Helping you to get where you need to be

Don't leave it to chance

Some things are too important to leave to chance or tackle on your own. Our team is here to help you plan for and manage some of your most significant family and personal events. Our aim is to help you create the future you choose.


We understand that it’s not always plain sailing, so at the times you need us most we make sure you receive impartial, sensible and supportive advice.


Putting you first

Maybe you’re planning for the future, restructuring your arrangements or simply considering your options. Whatever your immediate need, you’ll always find us knowledgeable, reliable and working entirely on your behalf.



A few areas we can offer support

Handling matters which arise when someone dies such as the administration of the estate with or without a will and providing advice on tax planning for the beneficiaries. Our team keep their specialist knowledge up-to-date to ensure you can be confident of getting the best advice, however complex your situation is.


Ensuring that you yourself have a legally enforceable will and that it reflects your wishes accurately. We can also draft you a living will if you wish. There’s security in using a regulated company like VSH Law with very high codes of conduct to write your will, something you may not have if you choose a non regulated will drafting service. Plus, our team’s personal approach means you can be confident that your entire situation will be taken into account, not just the obvious things that a pro forma will allows for.


Safeguarding your affairs if you become unable to manage them yourself by drafting a lasting power of attorney with you. We can also offer you advice if someone else has become or is becoming unable to manage their concerns and has not drafted one.


Reducing the amount of inheritance tax payable. You’d be surprised how easy it can be in some cases. In other cases we can work through the complexities to provide you with complete advice to ensure as much inheritance is passed to your beneficiaries as possible.


Providing immediate support where there is urgency involved. Perhaps wills or other financial arrangements need to be made in a matter of hours. Perhaps home visits are required if someone is unable to travel to our offices. We understand all this. Our experienced team will be there to support you and your family, working on your behalf and taking into account your situation.


Setting up or administering trusts to help with tax planning or to ensure your wealth is directed where you see fit. Our team’s specialist trust knowledge means that your advice will be accurate, up to date and provided with your longer term future in mind.


Financial advice and support in association with a number of independent financial consultants. Whilst we don’t offer financial advice ourselves, we can attend the meetings with you and then afterwards you can talk it over with us and we can make any arrangements on your behalf. It can help to discuss some of the more complicated areas with a professional who understands your needs more broadly, and who was there when the financial advice was given.


Advising farmers.  Being based in England’s rural heartland we've been providing advice about land, businesses and tax planning to some of our farmers for generations. Aiming to ensure the security of the farming business from one generation to the next, we work closely with land agents and accountants to provide practical, seamless legal advice.


You can be sure that whatever advice you are looking for, you will be treated with respect and sensitivity. And, rather than general advice, you can be confident that any advice we offer will be tailored especially for you and your particular circumstances.