Do business. Better
From the start and through every milestone we can help you achieve your goals

Whether you’re coming to us for one off advice or looking to establish a longer term relationship with us, you’ll receive the same great service from our ‘real world’ and highly experienced team.


Real world advice

You’ll be talking to someone who has spent time in business. They’ll understand your problems, the pressures and business environment in a way someone who has only ever been a solicitor can’t.  As a result of their experience our business team is solutions focused just like you, and is able to bring you options to consider rather than acting simply as legal jargon interpreters.


We’ve created a blend of skills in our team which means we’ll always have someone on hand who is not only an experienced specialist, but also has a passion for the legal advice you’re looking for.


Working together

Our goal is to help you reach yours, in a way that makes the most sense from your perspective. You can trust us to work with you, providing support in staying on track as you move through your key milestones with a fast, friendly and efficient service.


A few areas we can advise you on

Just starting out or making some significant changes? Amongst other things, we can advise you on the best type of business structure to use.  It really can make a difference!


Deciding how to do business? We can help you set up commercial contracts to meet the goals of your business and help you generate value from your relationships. Make sure you’re getting the most from any distribution and supply, outsourcing, exclusivity, confidentiality, franchising or construction agreements to name but a few!


Thinking about where you do business? We can handle commercial property purchases or sales, or residential property transactions for you on behalf of your business.


Wondering about running an exceptional team? Your team will be critical to your operation, our team is to our operation! If you’re just about to employ a team, or already have people in place we can help with all types of matters relating to employment law. Including any tricky situations.


Need to protect what’s yours to keep? We can make sure nobody threatens your business by running off with your ideas. We can use our extensive experience in intellectual property and technology law to offer a one-stop shop to protect and exploit your business’ intangible assets from the inside out.


Are you growing, evolving, streamlining or restructuring your business significantly? We can make sure your business structure remains appropriate for your needs and can also handle corporate acquisitions, disposals and investments for you. We carry out many transactions in these areas every year, with many in the highly complex technology industry. And, as you’d expect we’re a professional associate member of the British Venture Capital Association


Are you looking for experts in logistics and transport law? You’re in the right place! We have some highly experienced individuals who are specialised in applying common areas of law in unfamiliar and complex ways. We understand from working with our current clients in this sector how crucial this can be to ensure this type of business is able to run smoothly and profitably.


Farming and worried about succession?  Agri-businesses often need special structures to reflect their capital intensive nature, particularly with agricultural land values at all time highs.  We have specialists in this area who regularly work with regional and national firms of accountants, to ensure comprehensive, joined-up advice.  


Be better in business by taking specialist legal advice from our experts when it matters most.  Make things work the way you want them to.